Bring Your Meal to Life

Bring Your Meal to Life

Bring Your Meal to Life

Bring Your Meal to Life

Who We Are:

Mwachaka Group Limited is on a path to bring gourmet dining to millions of homesteads by providing natural-based multipurpose condiments and sauces that can pair well with all major cuisines across the globe.

In addition to manufacturing quality sauces and condiments, Mwachaka has a strong impact sourcing mission that seeks to empower the Kenyan women and youth through employment and intentional sourcing. Therefore, as our business grows, so does our impact

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Mwachaka Hot Spice
ksh 350

Mwachaka Garlinger Sauce
ksh 350

Mwachaka Hot and Sweet
ksh 350


Favor Ruhiu
Chief executive officer

Fred Maina
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Joseph Kamau
Co-founder & Chief Business Officer


“Man, your sauces are the bomb…I can literally just whip something and when I add Mwachaka, it comes to life “

“I love the convenience your products give me. Any type of food pairs well with Mwachaka.”

“I love the HOTSPICE especially on my nyama choma. I love how it both stings and excites the taste buds. It’s like an unending wild party in my mouth. “

“Your GARLINGER Sauce is my absolute favorite. I can barely keep it for more than a week. I cook with it, use it as a rub for nyama choma, to marinate my grill chicken and still use it at the table.”

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